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At the heart of my life's work, I am a dedicated mother, and beyond that, a guiding light in the realms of healing and transformation. Holding titles as a Doctor of Integrative and Functional Medicine, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Psychic Medical Intuitive, and RYT500 Yoga Teacher, my path is one where rigorous scholarly endeavors meet deep intuitive understanding. I am committed to leading you on a journey towards not just vibrant health, but towards the profound discovery of your truest self.

My journey to healing and understanding the intricate balance of health began with my own struggles: Bell's Palsy that struck at age 5, sudden deafness at 13, enduring chronic hives during my childhood and young adult life, and facing a life-threatening ovarian cyst at 19. Far from simply being obstacles, these health challenges served as profound teachers. They shed light on the incredible resilience of the human body and its capacity for recovery and healing. Each illness, sparked by environmental toxins, viruses, or the profound impact of stress, offered invaluable insights into identifying root causes and navigating the journey toward wellness.

An early fascination with health was kindled by childhood curiosity, as I found myself engrossed in the nutritional labels of

cereal boxes as soon as I could read while my brother was distracted by the games on the other side. This curiosity blossomed through my academic endeavors at Virginia Tech, James Madison University, and the University of Virginia Medical School, where I delved deep into the realms of human nutrition, foods, exercise, and research. Yet, it was the intuitive awakening to my psychic medical intuition that truly defined my approach, allowing me to perceive beyond the physical to the subtle whispers of the body's deeper truths.

As a single mother, my journey has been one of resilience and deep love, qualities that I bring to my practice, offering not just a pathway to healing but a journey toward unlocking one's fullest potential. With a unique blend of scientific knowledge and intuitive wisdom, I am here to uncover the root causes of your health challenges, crafting personalized, holistic pathways to wellness that resonate with your unique story.

Let's walk this transformative path together, towards a life where health, happiness, and authenticity flourish.