The care provided by Kerri was second to none.

She is a professional and expert in her field. Prior to meeting Kerri, we had seen a dozen specialists and spent a lot of money treating the “symptoms”. Kerri was able to analyze husband’s complex medical issues and find a way to treat the issues at their root. Writing this review brings me so much joy because I have my husband back and I am eternally grateful for Kerri’s knowledge and abilities.


Kerri is the absolute bomb. Hands down the best patient-provider relationship I’ve ever experienced.

After dealing with an array of chronic, debilitating health issues for over 3 years I, somewhat miraculously, was introduced to Kerri. Her holistic approach, including: dietary intervention, exercise modalities, supplement protocols, tools to optimize circadian rhythm, regular in-depth check ins as well as an insistence upon reducing EMF interference, getting adequate sunlight, sauna, prioritizing relationships etc etc etc. It's been truly holistic in every sense of the word.


When I first met Kerri, I’d been suffering a combination of semi-mysterious symptoms and issues for several years. With some of my first practitioners, I took one step forwards and two steps back. I was struggling on a daily basis when I started working with Kerri, wondering if I’d ever feel like me again.

From the start, it was clear Kerri was a partner in my health and wellness, gathering all of my history and leaving no stone unturned.