The Lower Cholesterol Code

Lower Cholesterol Naturally Without Meds, Overly Strict Diets, or Confusion

Unlock the Secret to Lowering Cholesterol Naturally

Are you struggling with high cholesterol? 

Are you tired of the confusing and conflicting information out there? 

Do you want to avoid statins and find a natural, effective way to support your health? 

Then you are in the right place, if you:

  • You want to reduce or eliminate your medications

  • You’re motivated but confused by conflicting information

  • Frustrated by the misinformation out thereYour doctor hasn’t provided clear direction

  • You don’t have time to see a dietitianInsurance doesn’t cover nutrition consultations

  • You’re unsure about cholesterol lab results and dietary guidelines

  • Your lab values aren’t where you want them to be

Why the Lower Cholesterol Code?

This mini-course is designed specifically for those who:

  • Have high cholesterol and want to manage it naturally

  • Prefer to avoid statins and other medications

  • Are interested in cooking and love trying new recipes

  • Enjoy small group settings for learning and discussion

  • Appreciate reading and learning about health and wellness

This is your solution

Shock your doctor with your results


Comprehensive Knowledge:
Gain extensive knowledge about cholesterol, more than you ever thought possible, and likely more than many doctors.

Clear Dietary Guidelines:

Develop a proper diet plan to lower cholesterol, complete with a month-long meal plan, recipes, and grocery lists.

Eliminate Confusion:

No more confusion around dietary cholesterol. Learn what foods are beneficial and which to avoid.

Potential Medication Reduction:

With the support of your doctor, you may be able to reduce or eliminate your medications.

Proactive Health Advocacy:

Learn to advocate for your health, especially regarding the side effects of certain medications.

Everything you'll get with The Lower Cholesterol Code

Understanding Cholesterol:

Learn about cholesterol, its role in the body, and how dietary cholesterol impacts your levels.

Types of Fats:

Understand the different types of fats—monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, saturated, and trans fats—and their effects on cholesterol.

Interpreting Labs:

Get to grips with your lab results, including total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides (TG), VLDL, and calcium scores.

Expert Insights:

Gain valuable insights from Expert talks on cholesterol and diet.

Practical Tools:

Cardiometabolic 28-day plan

Grocery lists

Recipe book

Supplement recommendations

Join the Lower Cholesterol Code Today!

Don't let confusion and lack of direction hold you back any longer. Join the Lower Cholesterol Code and take control of your health naturally.

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Don't let confusion and lack of direction hold you back any longer. Join the Lower Cholesterol Code and take control of your health naturally.

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Why Choose Me as Your Guide to Wellness?

My unique blend of seasoned expertise in functional medicine and innate medical intuitive gifts (yes, I possess psychic insights) allows me to leverage evidence-based medicine, advanced testing, and personalized treatment protocols in truly transformative ways.

With an integrative, holistic perspective, I employ a comprehensive approach, enhanced by my psychic abilities, to initiate deep, meaningful change and guide you through a transformative journey towards health.

Bringing nearly two decades of clinical experience and mentorship across a diverse spectrum of conditions—from mold toxicity and mental health issues to chronic diseases like diabetes and autoimmunity—I’ve supported clients of all ages, from newborns to centenarians, in their quest for health.

As a Doctor of Integrative Medicine, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, ADAPT Functional Medicine Practitioner, and Yoga Teacher, my qualifications ensure you receive care that is both profound and scientifically grounded.

My commitment to continuous personal and professional growth ensures that I offer you the very best of my capabilities, aiming to exceed your expectations and support you in achieving lasting wellness.

As a devoted single mom to a talented 16-year-old athlete and musician, and the caretaker of a lively household of cherished pets, I deeply understand the juggling act of managing endless tasks with finite time. 

This personal experience fuels my dedication to maintaining an intimate client roster for my mentorship program, ensuring that each individual receives the profound attention and care they truly deserve. 

Now is the perfect time to join, as I am welcoming new participants - I ONLY take 5 new enrollees a month.

My passion lies in empowering individuals to embrace their best selves, fostering a sense of well-being and self-confidence that resonates deeply within.

Driven by a fervent mission to transform the shortcomings of our current healthcare system, I am committed to pioneering a path to a model that genuinely nurtures health and vitality.

Rest assured, I am here to stand by you every step of the way. Venturing into new beginnings can be daunting, but with my support, the journey will be simplified and tailored to suit your pace, ensuring a smooth and empowering transition to better health.

I LOVE helping people feel and look their best!