This is the year you can change your life.

Welcome! I’m so happy you are here. Today is a perfect day to start your life fresh.

This is the year you can change your life.

Welcome! I’m so happy you are here. Today is a perfect day to start your life fresh.

What you are going through is REAL.

If you have been dealing with health symptoms that have challenged you, and haven’t been able to find answers or attain the results you are seeking, I want you to know that you are not alone.

I have dedicated my life over the past 20 years to supporting many clients just like you to get answers so that you can move forward in health feeling aligned, motivated, healthy and full of energy

Whether you’re seeking to navigate age-related transitions with grace, create the lean body you’ve always desired, or end symptoms that have been robbing you of your freedom and happiness… I’m here for you.


In case we haven’t met, I’m Kerri, Doctor of Integrative & Functional Medicine, Registered Dietitian!

It is my mission to empower high-achieving, motivated women to feel and look their absolute best. With nearly two decades of experience, I've discovered my approach to be both unique and profoundly effective. Blending psychic medical intuitive insights with the foundational principles of nutrition and functional medicine, I offer a pathway to wellness that is both seamless and deeply personalized. My journey into this field was unexpected, revealed through countless instances where I identified a path to an accurate diagnosis in mere minutes—conditions that had eluded specialists for years, leaving the patient to believe, as they were told, 'it was all in their heads.'


My ability to see beyond the conventional enables me to guide you toward your health goals with unprecedented clarity and speed.

You are exactly where you need to be: there are no coincidences.

Through medical intuition, I can help you learn what your body is trying to tell you, realize your deepest desires when you are in alignment, and learn to defy what’s reasonable to build a sense in a world of your own design. Oh yeah, and hit your health goals along the way (that part’s easy with me, believe it!)

Finally - expert care to treat you personally..

Now, I have a question for you…

Do you have the courage to be happy?

Taking the first step can be scary. But the floor doesn’t only hold strong in the place where you are standing. In fact, with each step you take, it will rise to meet you and take you to new heights.

I believe that you can live better, symptom free, healthily and happily ever after!

There is no limit. Infinite potential can be yours…

Are you ready to embrace a journey towards a symptom free life you love?

Get the life you desire - it is closer than you think.

Our work together can support you to:

  • Navigate aging gracefully, addressing skin changes and hair concerns with confidence.

  • Transform fatigue and low energy into vibrant, dynamic days.

  • End the struggle with stubborn weight that refuses to budge, despite your best efforts.

  • Resolve persistent gut issues once and for all, restoring your digestive health.

  • Ease PMS or stabilize mood swings, promoting balance and calm throughout the month.

  • Turn concerning lab trends around, supporting a healthier, worry-free life.

  • Achieve deep, restorative sleep, waking up refreshed and rejuvenated every day.

  • Boost your memory and mental clarity, enriching your daily life and productivity.

  • Shift from feeling overwhelmed by life’s demands to thriving with intention and joy.

  • Pursue personal and professional growth without sBullet listacrificing your feminine energy.

  • Break free from living on autopilot, rediscovering passions and joys that excite you.

I know that this and more is possible for you.

The Beyond the BioMarkers Podcast


A guide for 2 weeks of gut-boosting and energy-elevating motivation including THE 3 most impactful tips for success!  

What to expect: 14-Day Nutrition Plan, Recipe Book, Gut Health Hacks, Nutrition Tips, Fitness Routines, Community

Welcome to "Beyond the Biomarkers," where your journey to health transcends conventional limits and embraces the union of science and spirit.

Hosted by Kerri Rachelle, Doctor of Integrative Medicine Candidate, Functional Medicine Practitioner, and Registered Dietitian with profound psychic medical intuition, this podcast offers a unique perspective on health and wellness. In each episode, we explore the intricacies of physical health, emotional balance, and intuitive understanding, providing you with the tools to transform your life from the inside out.

How Can I Help?


  • One on one attention with me, psychic insights and personalized actionables for your unique goals

  • Unlimited access via messaging platform

  • Comprehensive functional lab work,

  • Personalized meal planning, fitness planning, and lifestyle tips

  • Discount on tested and vetted professional quality supplements

  • Complimentary access to masterminds, webinars, programs, and learning opportunities


Small group self-paced mastermind to uplevel your growth alongside a community of like-minded high-achieving women.


  • Bi-weekly group calls

  • Define and Pursue Clear Goals

  • Daily Meal Plan

  • Master Meal Prepping

  • Fitness Regimen & Movement Guides

  • Stress Management & Self Care Techniques

  • Mindset Work

  • Sleep Hygiene Tips

  • Deepen Your Nutrition Knowledge: Elevate your understanding of nutrition and gut health, empowering you to make choices that nourish and sustain.

  • Build Lasting Habits: Gain lifelong skills and habits that support enduring health and happiness.


This podcast is all about arming you with strategies to truly thrive, venturing beyond the physical to the metaphysical. We tackle everything from gut health and environmental toxins to decoding the messages our bodies are trying to tell us, to understanding our emotional landscape. We'll connect the dots between diet, environment, and emotional health as we merge the scientific facts with the intuitive wisdom of the spirit.


The Fast360 Metabolic Diet (FMD) stands as a pioneering nutritional program, distinguished by its foundation in clinical research and holding a patent for its remarkable anti-aging benefits. This innovative 5-day diet is meticulously designed to deliver a scientifically balanced blend of micro- and macro-nutrients. These nutrients are provided in specific quantities and combinations that sustain your body without being recognized as food, thereby emulating the effects of fasting. By completing just one cycle of five days, individuals can experience significant health benefits, even when resuming a Standard American Diet.


  • Proprietary Meal Plan

  • Master Meal Prepping

  • Deepen Your Nutrition Knowledge


The care provided by Kerri was second to none.

She is a professional and expert in her field. Prior to meeting Kerri, we had seen a dozen specialists and spent a lot of money treating the “symptoms”. Kerri was able to analyze husband’s complex medical issues and find a way to treat the issues at their root. Writing this review brings me so much joy because I have my husband back and I am eternally grateful for Kerri’s knowledge and abilities.


Kerri is the absolute bomb. Hands down the best patient-provider relationship I’ve ever experienced.

After dealing with an array of chronic, debilitating health issues for over 3 years I, somewhat miraculously, was introduced to Kerri. Her holistic approach, including: dietary intervention, exercise modalities, supplement protocols, tools to optimize circadian rhythm, regular in-depth check ins as well as an insistence upon reducing EMF interference, getting adequate sunlight, sauna, prioritizing relationships etc etc etc. It's been truly holistic in every sense of the word.


When I first met Kerri, I’d been suffering a combination of semi-mysterious symptoms and issues for several years. With some of my first practitioners, I took one step forwards and two steps back. I was struggling on a daily basis when I started working with Kerri, wondering if I’d ever feel like me again.

From the start, it was clear Kerri was a partner in my health and wellness, gathering all of my history and leaving no stone unturned.



Kerri Rachelle stands at the forefront of holistic medical care with a rich background as a Doctor of Integrative and Functional Medicine, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Medical Intuitive, RYT500 Yoga Teacher, Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics, and Podcast Host.

Her unique approach intertwines evidence-based practices with a profound understanding of each individual's health blueprint, not merely addressing symptoms but aiming to eradicate the root cause of illnesses.

With an illustrious career spanning nearly two decades, Kerri's expertise covers a broad spectrum of health issues, including navigating age-related changes, menopause, chronic illness reversal or management, weight loss, autoimmunity, brain function, mental health, and detoxification from mold or heavy metals.

Her academic journey through revered institutions like the University of Virginia Medical School, Virginia Tech, James Madison University, and the Kresser Institute for Functional and Evolutionary Medicine has armed her with unparalleled knowledge to tailor personalize health strategies.

At the heart of Kerri's practice is a patient-centric philosophy that nurtures active participation in one’s health journey. Leveraging her intuitive abilities, she goes beyond diagnosing physical conditions to identifying and transforming limiting beliefs that obstruct healing, ensuring comprehensive care that harmonizes the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of well-being. This holistic ethos is infused in both her deep dive one on one work and accessible self-paced programs, making health transformation achievable for everyone.