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Beyond the Biomarkers

The Two Most Critical Aspects of Health and Happiness

May 08, 20242 min read

Episode Description

The Two Most Critical Aspects of Health and Happiness: Are Your Choices Enhancing Your Well-being or Hindering It?

In this enlightening episode of "Beyond the Biomarkers," we delve into the fundamental elements that sculpt our health and happiness: the substances we consume and the environments we foster. Join your host, Kerri Rachelle, as she uncovers how our dietary choices impact daily wellness, the transformative power of a positive mindset, and the crucial role of a toxin-free environment. We also explore the significant effects of the people and media surrounding us and the value of fostering nurturing, reciprocal relationships.

Episode Highlights Include:

  1. The Power of Real Food: Discover the impact of organic and whole foods on our health and learn how intentional dietary choices can enhance well-being.

  2. Mindset and Mental Health: Unpack how eliminating limiting beliefs can reshape our internal landscape for better mental and emotional health.

  3. Evaluating Environments: Discuss the importance of maintaining a clean and health-supportive physical space.

  4. Influential Interactions: Understand the influence of media and social interactions on our mental state and why it’s vital to carefully choose what we consume and with whom we interact.

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Tune in for this transformative discussion, and start making the choices that align with a healthier, happier you. Remember, the essence of wellness is whether our choices are enhancing our well-being or hindering it.


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